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At Copetti & Co we are very aware that taxes can’t be avoided and most business decisions have tax implications. Having a tax plan is part of any successful business plan and our professionals can help guide you through the maze of rules and regulations toward your goals. Successful companies consider tax implications before they make business decisions. Copetti & Co can help optimize your investments by minimizing unnecessary tax related barriers and maximizing opportunities.

We provide a wide range of corporate tax services to serve the needs of businesses and of individuals. From tax return preparation and compliance to business reorganizations, structure planning and transactional tax consulting.

We offer complete solutions to ensure your tax objectives are met. There is more to tax accounting than compliance, there is opportunity. Opportunity to optimize your investments, improve cash flow and reduce risk.

Copetti & Co tax planning and consulting services include:

In today's ever-growing complexity of tax legislation that are accompanied by constant changes, we can save you a lot of time and worry by undertaking to look after your personal tax affairs. That said, we offer more than just a processing service.

We can review your tax return and offer advice on potential areas of tax mitigation, and advice on how to reduce your tax liability.

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