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If you have registered GST/HST account with Canada Revenue Agency, you are required to file your GST/HST return. Generally, your annual sales determine how often you have to file GST/HST returns. It can be Annually, Quarterly, or Monthly.

As the rules for income tax returns change yearly, you need to be sure that you don't miss the opportunity to put money back into your pocket.

Let our tax experts help you maximize your return and reduce your tax related stress. Here is what we can do for you:
  1. Tax professionals handling your tax filing and tax related issues.
  2. We are available all year round for tax reviews and for dealing with any issues with Canada Revenue. Sometimes they will send you additional inquiries which we can help address on your behalf.
  3. Professional, friendly and caring services.
  4. From simple returns to self employed and rental income, forward returns, or complicated returns our experts are ready to help you.
Have you ever missed a GST/HST payment or filing or been scrambling at the last minute trying to complete payroll or find receipts for month-end, year-end or tax time? Do you feel anxious every time you “push the button”? How do you get your books and records in order and keep them in order?
Easy! Call COPETTI & CO.
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