Accounting and Assurance Services

Copetti & Co is committed to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations by providing high quality, cost effective accounting and assurance services. We stand by the trust given to our statements by financial institutions, shareholders, government agencies and other taxing authorities. At Copetti & Co we understand that financial statements often vary in scope and cost and are dependent upon your business needs.

Service levels include:



An examination of finances made according to accepted auditing standards, with our objective being to express an opinion that the statements accurately present the financial position and results of operations.


Review Engagement

Applies analytical procedures to allow us to provide an assurance report and gives a moderate level of assurance on the reliability of the financial information of a business. The objective of our review engagement is to evaluate your company’s financial information against a comprehensive review model.


Notice to Reader 

Applied to financial statements where a lower level of assurance is required by the users of the statements, done without audit or review.

Copetti & Co’s assurance services strives to:


  • Minimize your company’s tax exposure
  • Assist and provide clarity in providing financial projections and forecasts relating to financing endeavors
  • Provide recommendations to minimize risks and address internal control weaknesses.
  • Recognize opportunities for growth, productivity and operational improvements